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​​CRF considers innovation as a strategic lever for the business of the Group.​


​​​Board of Directors:

Sergio Marchionne​
Managing Director and General Manager
Roberto Fedeli
General ManagementDirectors
Harald Jakob Wester, Giorgio Fossati


​​​​​​​​​The mission of CRF lies in three main goals:

  • ​To develop innovative power units, vehicle systems, materials, methods and processes to improve the competitiveness of FCA products.

  • To represent FCA as part of European and national collaborative research, taking part in pre-competitive research projects and promoting the development of a network of contacts and partnerships on an international scale.

  • To support FCA in enhancing the value of its intangible capital.​​​


  • ​​Valuing people: competence, enthusiasm, training, experience
  • Keeping the promise: quality, support, partnership, cooperation, transfer
  • Respect the customer: trust, communication, timing, reliability, effective solutions
  • Exceed expectations​​


The main CRF headquarters are situated in Orbassano (Turin). Smaller offices, dedicated to specific activities and topics, are dotted around Turin, at the Mirafiori plant, in Pomigliano d'Arco (Naples), at the Magneti Marelli plant in Bologna, in Valenzano (Bari) and in Trento.

​On a national scale, the Centro Ricerche Fiat plays an active role in several public and private research consortiums and collaborates with the Ministry for Universities and Research, the Ministry for the Environment and the Ministry for Economic Development. Particular attention is paid to relations with the surrounding territory: CRF is involved in projects and initiatives undertaken not only by Regions and Industrial Unions but also by Municipalities, Chambers of Commerce, Consortiums and by the local industrial fabric.​


Research and creativity are vital features of the CRF, and art is also a true source of inspiration here. Starting in 1993, the CRF has promoted a large number of initiatives to stimulate the creation of art works inspired by technology and research.

An important part of the CRF's research is carried out in the international arena: the Center is one of the promoters of the Joint Research Committee of European Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, EUCAR now. Since 1989, the CRF participates in research projects promoted by the European Union, working with more than a thousand industrial and academic partners in pre-competitive research of multi-year. At the global level, CRF is colaborating with  the most importan universities, institutions and research centers t in the world: from MIT at Stanford Research Institute in Palo Alto.​

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